This manual applies to electrically heated outdoor spa:
  • Drop X
  • Drop Vuolle / Vuolle Compact
  • Drop S
  • Drop Lähde
  • Lampi/ Lampi Compact
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The manufacturer retains the right to change the product’s assembly or structure without separate notice and without any obligation arising from this.

Contents of the delivery

  • Drop Spa
  • Insulation cover
  • Chemical starter kit


Drop X, Vuolle, Drop S, Lähde, Lampi

drop spa measurement drawing

Vuolle Compact/ Lampi Compact

vuolle compact, lampi compact measurement drawing

There should be at least 50 cm of free space around every side of the pool for possible maintenance operations.

Nozzle placements for Drop X and Vuolle.

If necessary, contact us for assistance with planning your spa site. The spa's placement must be planned well with regard to the comfort and safety of use. The spa should be placed in an open spot if possible. Leaves falling from trees and other dirt may easily end up in the spa water during bathing sessions. 
The spa must be installed and stored in such a way that it rests on its frame. Do not lower the spa to rest on its top edge or have the spa resting against a terrace, for example, in such a way that the top edge carries the spa's weight. The plans are indicative examples of the installation.

Please take into consideration the effect of frost when designing the base.

The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by an incorrectly installed spa.


Foundation 1
Foundation crushed stone

Foundation crushed stone 2

Service hatch

Spa base must be level, loadbearing, and horizontal. The most suitable bases are made of concrete, gravel, wood, or some other hard base material. The base must be able to withstand a weight of 2,500 kg without sinking or deforming.

There must be no less than 50 cm of space around the outdoor spa for any required servicing measures. It must be possible to open the service hatches located on the side of the spa without impediment. If you want to sink the spa into a terrace, you will need to make a separate service hatch in the terrace. The service hatch must allow the side panels to be opened and provide enough room to work next to the spa if necessary.

In case you surround the spa with skirting, all side doors must be accessible to enable service maintenance.

The filter can be replaced without opening the service door.

Receipt of delivery

Please check the package externally before acknowledging receipt. Any observed external damage caused during transportation must be immediately reported to the courier or our customer service department. All damage caused during transportation must be reported within a maximum of seven (7) days in writing to

If there are faults or deficiencies in the product delivered, the seller will either make the required changes to the product or deliver a new replacement product to the customer. The seller must be notified of the product’s deficiency within 14 days of receipt of the product.

The spa is delivered in an upright position by a truck with a utility trailer unless otherwise agreed. Remove the plastic packaging, cardboard, and any other equipment or parts delivered inside the spa before turning the spa to its correct position. Four to six (4-6) people are needed to turn the spa to its correct position. 

Installation and startup

Roughly four to six (4-6) people are needed to move the spa. Special care must be taken when moving the spa to prevent accidents. When the spa is lowered into a hole in a terrace, for example, it is recommended that moving straps be used to ensure safe installation. Grooves for moving straps can be found on the bottom of the spa.

Don't leave the spa exposed to sun light without spa cover or without water.

PLEASE NOTE! Do not connect power to the spa until it is filled with water!

1. Turn the jets until they are open.

2. Before using the spa, check that all the threaded connections of the pumps are firmly secured. The threaded connections may come loose during transportation.

3. Fill the spa with water using a garden hose, for example (see here how to fill the spa), in such a way that the water level is approx. 10 cm below the edge of the spa.

4. The electrical installation may only be carried out by a licensed electrician. Do not connect power until the spa is filled with water. See Electrical installation.

5. After power is turned on, the spa display (located in the equipment compartment) will show setup data, after which the text RUN | PMPS | PURG | AIR | -- -- -- -will blink on the display. This initialization will last 4–5 minutes.

6. If the error message HTR | MAY | BE | DRY | -- -- -- -- | WAIT | -- -- -- -- shows on the display within the first few minutes, it indicates that there is air in the pump. In this case, see the instructions for clearing an airlock.

7. Turn on the pumps and check that water is coming out of all jets.



Before filling the hot tub, make sure that all threaded connections on the pumps are tight. Threaded connections may come loose during transport.

1. Filter system

2. Balboa extra heater 3 kW

3. Balboa central unit 3 kW

4. Balboa control panel

5. Koller 200 W filter pump

6. Wavezone

7. Jet system

Service hatch with isolation

Electrical installation

The electrical installation may only be carried out by a licensed electrician. PLEASE NOTE! Do not turn on the power to the spa until it is filled with water!

The outdoor spa must be connected to a 3 x 16 A, 400 V (current) or a 1 x 16 A, 230 V (3 kW Lähde & Lampi) electrical connection. The electrical connection must be protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter. The electric supply can be drilled through any corner of the spa's siding or a moving strap groove in the spa base. The side behind which the control panel is located is marked on the spa.

The spa must be connected to a 3 x 16 A, 400 V (current electrical connection) The electrical connection must be RCD protected. The power supply can be drilled through the outer cladding of any corner of the spa or through the lifting sling groove of the bottom spa.

PLEASE NOTE! The wires must be stripped to a length of approx. 20 mm, and the earth connection must be completed appropriately.

1. Check that the spa is filled with water and that all nozzles are covered with water.

2. Open the service hatch.

3. Open Balboa Central Unit (BP21)

4. Connect the power cable to the control panel.

5. Close the service hatch.

Electrical installation diagram 6 kW 3 x 16 A, 400 V↓

Electrical installation diagram 3 kW 1 x 16 A, 230 V

Clearing an airlock

An airlock causes the jets to malfunction. An airlock is often caused by filling the spa too quickly, which results in air being trapped in the piping. This prevents the pump from prefilling and the water from circulating properly.

1. Open the service hatch and turn the threaded connection on top of the pump slightly open.

2. When water starts coming out, tighten the connection and turn on the pump. The pump will pump for a moment, after which the water will start to flow properly.

3. Dry any spilled water and close the service hatch. Your outdoor spa is ready for use.


ControlMySpa™ (additional product)

You can use the remote control to adjust the spa’s settings from anywhere and check the status and functions of the spa. The new generation of CMS™ remote control also sends notifications to your mobile phone about any issues with the spa. The remote control requires a Wi-Fi connection near the spa to function.

The spa can also be controlled by using the control panel located in the spa's equipment compartment.

1. Connect the CMS Gateway Ultra unit to a modem with a network cable and connect the power cable to the unit.

2. Download the CONTROLMYSPA application via your phone’s app store. Create a new account with your email.

3. Stand next to the spa and make sure that the power to the spa is turned on.

PLEASE NOTE! CMS can be found 15 minutes after the spa is turned on. If necessary, turn off the power to the spa, wait for 20 seconds and then turn the power back on.

4. Open the CONTROL MY SPA application on your phone, press “SETUP” and follow the instructions on the screen.

5. The CMS code is PDS-26134


Problem Cause
Red light in the CMS Gateway Ultra unit The unit and the spa are not connected
Blinking red light in the CMS Gateway Ultra The unit and the spa are connected, but there is no connection to the control panel.
Blinking blue light in the CMS Gateway Ultra unit Software update in progress. Do not turn off the power.
Blinking green light in the CMS Gateway Ultra The unit and the spa are connected, but there is no Internet connection.
Green light in the CMS Gateway Ultra unit The unit and the spa are connected and an Internet connection has been estab-lished. No errors.