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Drop Lampi Compact

Drop Lampi Compact

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Lampi Compact represents the beloved purity of the Finnish nature and the serenity and aesthetics of Lapland in a smaller size. It is a beautiful haven of relaxation on your patio. The name Lampi is Finnish and refers to a pond. The still surface of the Lampi pool creates the perfect oasis for relaxing alone or in a larger group. The pool light perfects the mood on dark nights. The surface of the water ripples with sparkles as you unwind after your working day, under the midnight sun or lit by the Northern Lights.


The electrically heated Drop spas are designed for year-round use and can be kept ready to use no matter the weather. Just open up the cover and enjoy!

 Technical details

  • People capacity: 3-4
  • Side length: *190 cm
  • Inner diameter: *171 cm
  • Height: *105,0 cm
  • Immersion depth: *97 cm
  • Water capacity: 1500 L
  • Water use: 900-1200 L
  • Material: acrylic / reinforced plastic
  • Weight when empty: approx. 250 kg
  • Electric connection: 3 x 16 A, 400V

    +/- 0,5cm

Contents of the pool package

  • Drop spa pool
  • Aluminum frame
  • 3 kW electrical heating (6kW in Finland, Sweden, and Norway)
  • Filter system
  • LED pool light
  • 30 mm polyurethane insulation of the entire frame (50 mm in Finland, Sweden, and Norway)
  • Insulation cover
  • UV system
  • Ozonisation system
  • Starter kit of pool chemicals
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